Dialing back the yoga

I was feeling too depleted of energy and strength to go to my usual vinyasa flow class with Susan Bowen at Thrive this morning. Although my sinuses have tried up, thanks to the recent rains, I am still hoarse and congested in my lungs. I just have to keep this from developing into something more serious, as it has in the past.

Yesterday, however, I made a point of taking a yin yoga class with Michelle Fry at Thrive. This style of yoga is the opposite of most vinyasa classes: you need to release and relax into pose and hold it for 3-5 minutes. I constantly had to remind myself to pull back my effort, that I did not have to push until I reached my edge. I liked it because it was a kind of yoga lab in which I By the end of the class, I had made up for some of the yoga missing from my life during the week (I had not been able to make it any classes since Sunday).

For the past week, I’ve been treating myself to 20 minutes of spinal twists before I go to bed. I find that the practice releases the muscular tension that I have built up during the day in my lower back. I’ve noticed that I am tighter on my left side and have doubled up the time I hold that side to see if I will eventually even out my alignment.

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  1. its good to read about people doing more of a pose on one side than the other… more often than not, our bodies are out of balance and need more of one thing on one side and something else for the other. glad youre helping promote the idea that this can help!

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