Injury update

I saw an orthopaedist today, Dr. Mark Connell at Washington Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine. The appointment served to rule out arthritis and bone chips or other fragments in my knee. I was X-rayed for this purpose. The doctor confirmed that I had some swelling and fluid in my knee. He asked that I get an MRI to look at the cartilage and check for hairline fractures in the bone. I was able to get to a MRI service lab in the same building and have the films in hand. I wish I could read them, which would remove most of my concern.

Dr. Connell told me that I could resume physical exercise as long as the knee did not hurt, though it would probably be better to focus on low-impact aerobic exercise, rather than getting back to running now. Ice and ibuprofen were all that I needed to relieve any pain.

So far, the pain has been ebbing daily since I started icing the knee in the evenings.