It’s getting close

I am slowly working my way back to practicing yoga. My orthopedic surgeon has given me a thumbs up on my recovery, and does not need to see me again. I have been putting in a daily average of 30 minutes walking and 30 minutes stationary bike for about a month. I’ve gone back to climb the eight flights of stairs of my office building. I’ve been doing some of the rehab exercises. I had a session of acupuncture on my knee today, and I’ll get a massage tomorrow, so I’ve been lavishing care on my body.

If I do a lot of walking, I will have a little discomfort in my knee the following day and it will feel stiff. I’ve also noticed recently that I have a lot of discomfort in my right sit bone, probably due to the hamstring. I can’t take sitting down for a long time.

I am aiming to start up yoga class again next Tuesday at Thrive Yoga. Pierre Couvillion will teach that evening. Although it’s a relatively advanced, all-levels, vinyasa flow class, I would prefer to have the watchful eye of a yoga therapist watching as I move through the poses. He told me he could indicate modifications of those poses that might be risky for me.

I really miss the community of the yoga studio, and also the disciplined structure that a regular practice builds into my life. Even though I should have more “free time,” I don’t seem to get a lot more done. I really miss the big muscle movements from the vinyasa. Aerobic exercise or weight lifting does not provide the same kind of satisfaction.