Lullaby for insomnia

Photo: yoginis lie face down on mats
Rest can come in the oddest postures

I have one modest task this evening: to prepare for a good night’s sleep. My body clock is out of kilter because of my father’s death (my blog entry announcing his passing was written after I had been woken up at 1:45 am with the news) and the build-up to his memorial service. Now the world seems to be conspiring to deprive me of sleep: my daughter’s alarm clock that I can hear in the basement at 5:00 am, the dogs that insist on taking a leak at 3:00 am, the preparations for the next day that always stretching out until late, the electrical fuse that blows out every two hours until I can fix the issue.

I need to return to something like a normal circadian rhythm. I stopped drinking coffee after 1:00 am, and no tee, just chamomile. No later dinner, nothing heavy (except for that extra slice of brownie). no evening yoga class, no visit to the gym for the thread mill, the stationary bike or weights. I took a sleeping pile soon after. I started dong my yin /restorative yoga poses early. I turned off the TV at 9:15. I am seat in front of the computer now, but I am writing this really boring story about wanting to go to sleep and end my insomnia.

The strange thing is that once I get up and go to work, I do not feel the drag of a bad night’s sleep. I don’t nod off when watching the monitor. I do feel the aches of fatigue and my concentration has been failing me as the day progresses.