Sinus relief with a neti pot at your corner drugstore

I was breezing through the latest issue of Yoga Journal and came across an ad that promotes the use of a neti pot (and ingredients) to clear up “nasal discomfort” (page 71). SinuCleanse, however, is available in Walgreens or any other drug store. I guess that’s just another sign of alternative healthcare going mainstream.There are two online videos — an instructional one that explains the use of a neti pot (though it’s never called that or its roots in yoga) and a health news report from a Wisconsin affiliate of NBC. Apparently, SinuCleanse has been around for about seven years, but it has only recently gone national. The kit costs $15 and 100-packet volume purchase of refills costs $10.

On the other hand, the Himalaya Institute Press sells a range of products for nasal washes. Neti pots are also sold in a lot of yoga prop distributors.

I use mine almost every day.