The case of the vanishing pin prick

For at least 10 years, I’ve suf­fered from the sen­sa­tion of a sharp pain, like a pin prick, on my right foot. Orig­i­nally, it was located on my out­side ankle, but it began to shift around and ended up between my third and fourth toes. Dur­ing the day, I didn’t notice it that much because my shoe pres­sured the skin and dis­guised the sen­sa­tion. At night, it was hard to sleep because I found feel the pin prick (no shoes allowed in bed) and only by press­ing my other foot into the spot could I achieve relief.

Well, this week, I sud­denly noticed that I no longer felt the pin prick — yoga has cured me! I sus­pect it was a pinched nerve and I some­how relieved the pres­sure on the nerve.

Now I just have to work on the other weird nerve sen­sa­tion on my feet — when I rotate my ankle, my toes go numb.

2 thoughts on “The case of the vanishing pin prick

  1. I am really not sure if what you’re feel­ing and what I was feel­ing are the same thing. This prob­lem comes and goes with me, and is focal­ized in dif­fer­ent spots on my foot, not affect­ing other parts of my body. I have not heard of using vit­a­min B12.

  2. I’ve been hav­ing the pin price like pain in var­i­ous parts of my body. My ankles, hands, chest leg and stom­ach from time to time. I have also had a warm­ing sen­sa­tion on my left thigh. It appears when I take vit­a­min B12 on a reg­u­lar basis I don’t have this pain. Is there a connection?

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