Everything Yoga gives some advice on avoiding injuries

Everything Yoga: “As a yoga therapist in training, it pains me to see people getting injured by what’s supposed to be a healing practice. The goal of yoga is not to force your body, but to get in touch with your body and honor it.” Diane Cesa’s Everything Yoga has been nice enough to link to this blog despite the limited amount of blogging that I’ve been doing lately, so I am returning the favor. But the quote is actually relevant to my practice.

In yesterday’s yoga session at Thrive, I tweaked something in my lower back. I did not notice it until I had cooled off and gone home so I cannot identify which asana or movement might have overtaxed my muscles. I think that the session was not particularly difficult or strenuous, and I’ve been focusing on body awareness during my session, both in terms of breath and alignment. Kim Dellaroca, the instructor, had just been at a hip opener workshop so she emphasized that in the class so my ache might be simple muscle fatigue.

I had a far more serious problem with lower back pain about two years ago so I am concerned about how serious this might be.

In the Sunday class with Kim Groak, I mentioned my problem to Kim. She did a class that was strong on hip openers as well. I felt much better after the class than before so she must have done something right. I was able to do Half Moon pose with my arms spread wide. It had always been hard for me because my hips tended to be unstable, throwing me out of alignment, not to mention my general balance deficiency.