Release of a net-entangled whale leads to joyful leaps

I ran into a video about the liberation of a humpback whale ensnared in fish netting off the Mexican Pacific coast. A group of conservationist was filming whales and came across this animal, appearing to be close to death. The video shows how the people cut free the netting over at least an hour of patiently working with the whale. In the end, the last strands were cut and the whale was free. Within a few minutes, the group viewed a 30-minute display of the whale breaching the surf, slapping its tail and fins, and other aquatic acrobacy as a celebration of its reacquired freedom and, perhaps, even a gesture of gratitude to the humans who had intervened in her release from bondage and death.

This video has already been seen seven million so it’s already had its turn as a viral video on the Web, so it needs no push from me into the limelight. I still thought those leaps of animal joy out of the Pacific demonstrated the sheer emotion of freedom.

The Great Whale Conservancy  supports work to protect the great whales and their habitat so a plug goes to them.