Listening with your whole body

In the TED conference of 2007, Scottish percussionist and composer Evelyn Glennie spoke on how to listen to music with your whole body, a striking insight from someone who has been deaf since the age of 12. But I was even more moved by her presentation’s repercussions for yoga. After all, we are all trying to listen with our bodies, both to the subtle energies that flow through our core and to the world around us that reverberates with pulsations.

More info at and her bio page, or check out her own website.

PS: Since putting up this blog entry, I’ve downloaded some of her contemporary classical music and find it really provocative and multi-layered. Lately, I’ve suffered from a rather conventional choices of classical music (Mozart, Bach, Teleman, etc.), but I’ve found a way of doorway into a more modern style. She’s had music composed just for her, which is a high compliment.