Lower back pain, again

After my Sunday yoga session, I noticed that my lower back was tightening up. It seemed to suffer a kind of nerve overload or lockdown. I decided that I had to focus on getting over it. I no longer think of the back pain as an injury, but the symptom of a deeper issue. The lower back seems to concentrate all the subconscious resistance to my yogic renewal.

My review of the literature, much of which I had read a couple of months ago but did not fully understand, pointed to two trouble spots — tight hamstrings and rotators. There may be other muscles involved, but two are enough for right now. As a first measure, I have to keep backbends and sitting poses to a minimum. The idea is to get my body back in balance.

I’ve found that a supported bridge pose, using a foam block to support my hips, can offer substantial relief from the stress. I don’t push my hips too high, just enough to arch my back a little. I move the block up and down my spin to vary the inflex point of my spin.