My hidden agenda

I have ulterior motives for learning yoga and related disciplines. My puritanical streak will not let me just have pure fun or get exercise or improve my posture. I long along knew that I was not a good athlete so I never went on that kind of ego trip. There has to be a superior benefit, a higher calling in most of my activities. I am not just toning my muscles; I’m saving my soul (after all, I am a preacher’s kid). That’s why the mind-body-spirit connection appeals so much for me. By keeping those three elements balanced and grounded, then I am going to be make myself a more complete, healthy being.

All this intellectual snootiness can come at a price. I’ve never felt drawn to taking a vacation. In the past five years, my vacations and holidays have generally been opportunities for moonlighting. My wife has usually had to drag me kicking on holiday trips. My singlemindedness has kept me from relaxing and accepting the serendipitous encounter.

But yoga and meditation always come back at you to remind you that the only thing that matters is now, the current moment. Only in the present can we act as human beings in our fullnest dimension. By cutting back on our ambitions we will be rewarded.

This is not a momentous discovery — I’m just trying to keep myself honest.