What makes a difference

Sometime late last year, I suddenly realized that this yoga thing (understood in its broadest interpretation) had a chance to change my life. By that, I mean a radical renovation of my emotional makeup, my physical constitution and my intellectual focus. I had a few informal, groping sessions that simply took my breath away. And it’s more than a simple mindgame. It’s a silent process.

Since then, I have been engaged in an effort to speed up the process, even though the idea of racing towards a goal goes against the nature of yoga. I mean that I am trying to remove obstacles to the process — and when you’re a 55-year-old, fully employed adult, there can be a lot of them. You’d be fooling yourself if you thought you could overcome them quickly. But over the past four months, I’ve seen enough gradual changes to encourage me to think that I can improve my quality of life.