Back to basics — mind and breath

I’ve been doing my body scans nightly as a kind of back-to-the-basics initiative to rein in my central nervous system. I have not had another bad scan in which I get jittery and overanxious for nearly two weeks. At most, I’ve had a couple of arm jerks in which my hand and forearm snap up. A more serious problem is not dozing off momentarily. Laying prone on the ground at 11:00 pm at the end of a long day is probably an invitation for sleep so I should not be surprised. I’ll just have to find a coping strategy — maybe opening my eyes for the whole session.

This week, I’ve been fitting in my sudarshan kriya practice in the morning before heading off to work. It has really kept me upbeat the whole day. It’s amazing how a breathing practice can change my outlook to sunny. Why do I ever skip my breathwork?