Blissed out

Photo: hands in prayer
Anjali mudra in prepration for another vinyasa

I went to IMCW  tonight with Teresa. Tara Brach gave the dharma talk. As always, she dealt out wisdom as if she was dealing cards — and I filled out a flush.

But what was evern more compeling for me was the feeling that I had when I sat down in the balcony of the River Road Unitarian Church in Potomac. It was as if I settled into a safe place and all my pschological armor fell away from me. I did not go to the dharma talk with any specific objective. I was simply seeking a sanctuary where I could close my eyes, focus on my breath and let whatever was going to happen happen.

The other point to bring up is that BuddhaFest is quickly approaching, June 17-20 at the American University campus. Films, talks and meditation are all going to take place.

However, Matt, my son the photographer,  will have the opening night of an exhibit of his art collective in DC on Friday evening, and I would not miss that — even for the Dalai Lama. That means I won’t be able to take in Tara and Lama Surya Das’s tag team teaching on love, understandng and freedom at BuddhaFest.  Facts and Fictions will include a selection from the seven members of the Sparkplug collective and show for the whole month.