Christmas Day Thoughts

The Holiday season is a disruptive time. Routines are thrown to the wind. Even though I’ve been off work, I have not been able to fit yoga classes in since last Friday, a full week. The blizzard locked us in for two days, and then I was too sore to go to class on Monday. My wife has been using the car a lot so that pins me in the house, especially with the heavy snow and messy streets. And when I do have the car, I need to run my own errands to the stores or visit my parents. Because my daughter is coming back home to live, it’s been doubly hard to clean up for the festivities. All the boxes (for storage, donations, and logistics) get hidden in my new office space.

Last night, after our guests left and my wife went to bed, I cleared out a spot in the middle of my office space and sat in meditation for about 20 minutes and then did an extended yoga nidra session. No special intention, just the need to find some stillness and dwell in it for a while. I got off my mat, went to bed and was asleep in seconds. I’ll have to remember that trick the next time I can’t seem to turn off the mental overdrive in the evening.

In any case, I want to wish all visitors to this site “Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year.” May you all find renewal and faith in the stillness that comes in the wake of celebration and fellowship.