GoogleTalks on the Path to Enlightened Science

I had been meaning to point to GoogleTalks as a fabulous source of videos of interesting people talking about interesting things. Today, I chanced across this video Transform Your Mind, Change Your Brain, by Richard J. Davidson at the Google Campus in California, just a few weeks ago, September 23. Davidson has been the academic research pointman for the contemplative sciences, and I’ve mentioned him in the blog before. His new research center is Center for Investigating Healthy Minds. Here he speaks about the latest work in that field. Be advised that he can slip into neuroscience geek speak on a few slides but he quickly switches back to plain English.

Google has thrown itself behind some ideas that have nothing to do with Internet search, advertising or computer sciences. Scores of insightful people are brought to speak about their work for the betterment of the staff, and these chats are made available online to the general public. This list below is not comprehensive and there are other interesting chats in other areas of personal development.