Meditation in a maximum security prison – see the movie!

The Dhamma Brothers: East Meets West in the Deep South is a documentary about a vipassana retreat in the Donaldson Correctional Facility in Alabama and the before and after effects of the experience on the prison population, their keepers and the surrounding community, deep in the Bible-Belt South. There was a write-up about in in the New York Times last September.

I’ve just seen the promo site and a few of the trailers so I cannot vouch for the finished product, but it is intriguing. The film is making its way through the indie film festivals and art film theaters and may eventually make it to a TV screen near you.

This is not the only experience of meditation and yoga reaching into prison walls to relieve human suffering and restore human dignity. Windmill Buddhist Meditation has a section on it, as does S. N. Goenka’s website. Here is a link to an academic article . For more links, just follow this Google search.