Work up a sweat, work out your problems

Washington Post Working Out Your Issues: “John Ratey, an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and a specialist in mood disorders, said as little as 10 minutes of exercise at 60 percent of one’s maximum heart rate — that is, walking briskly enough to just begin sweating — ‘has an effect. [But] the more intense the exercise, the better, especially if you’re only going to do short bursts.’ (Of course, it’s not safe to work out intensely until one has achieved a basic level of fitness. And no one should exercise intensely without a doctor’s approval.)” Rather than repeat the mantra that I often fall into — “yoga is the answer to all mood disorders,” the Washington Post cites research about the psychological benefits of exercise in general. The extensive article appeared in the June 14 Health section, and struck me as valid.