A meateater rebels

Over at Huffington Post, Sadie Nardini makes an excellent point in her Om Scampi: A Top Yogi Comes Out of the Meat-Eating Closet in which she discusses the cultural quicksand of vegetarianism and self-righteousness of many US gurus.

One result of this is that yoga is getting a bad rap, as a culture of Yogier-Than-Thou, which has people running back to the gym in droves. No one wants to be made to feel like a lesser being, especially while already lurching around in Tree Pose like a drunken sailor. And I’m sick and tired of seeing it happen again and again in studios across the country, proving to potential students that they are not welcome as they are…but will be only if they plan to change.

As my personal eating habits have evolved, I no longer eat much red meat, but am far from being a vegetarian. This article looks at a lot of angles of the issue in yoga studios. It may go on beyond what’s needed to get its message across, but it does paint an insightful picture of the yoga scene.