A serendipitous find about yoga in Cuba

The yoga craze is reaching the shores of Cuba!

Havana Times I’m going to Cuba, are there yoga classes in Havana?

At that time, Pimentel – who is the president of the Cuban Yoga Association – estimated that some 12,000 people in Cuba had taken three-month yoga courses, and there have been workshops, conferences and numerous meditation retreats.

Next thing you know, Yoga Journal will be organizing a conference in Havana.

2 thoughts on “A serendipitous find about yoga in Cuba

  1. Actually in 1999 the International Association of Black Yoga Teachers and the Global Exchange organized the “Lifting the embargo on our hearts” music and yoga festival. Teachers from the United States joined Eduardo Pimentel and his students in Cuba celebrating the joy of yoga together.
    An add for this even was featured in the yoga journal 🙂
    you can see it here:

    And read about the event here:


    Cuba is a marvellous island with lots of natural beauty and amazing wonders, its people being one of the most important of them 🙂

    1. Christine,
      It’s great to see that the International Association of Black Yoga Teachers was so far ahead of the rest of the States. Hopefully, we’ll have another event soon.

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