Apologies for a half-ass job

Thrive Yoga's master class ends with silence

A few days ago, I took a swing at mocking the New York Times for going overboard on yoga reporting. I thought it was pretty cool in a slap-dash way.

And then I visited It’s all yoga, baby. Oh, the shame! “Roseanne (though WordPress knows me as ‘girlwarrior’)” did a far better job than I even aspired to, and it was five days earlier, which means I did not even do the due diligence of web research. And it was not just laying down the links. There was a lot of wisdom in what she was saying, as she puts the reporting within a larger context of journalism and social trends. Of course, Roseanne is a pro at writing about yoga since she was the editor of Ascent, an excellent magazine that stopped publishing last year.

I am adding It’s all yoga, baby to my yoga blog roll (to the left), and my Google Reader so I am not beaten again to a breaking yoga story again (Oh, but I thought I had sworn off doing running commentary on news stories on yoga).