Asking a hypothetical question about fat yoga in DC

This news article is really about the absence of news:

Washingtonian  Does DC Need “Fat Yoga”?
Mulqueen says she can understand the uncomfortable feeling of walking into a room where you’re the minority; while she’s not overweight, she says she’s often the oldest person in her yoga studios. The same uncomfortable feeling is often felt among less flexible men or people who are completely new to the practice. Mulqueen points out, “Anyone who walks into a yoga room for the first time feels self-conscious.”

I suspect that we already have specialized yoga for overweight people in the DC area, but it’s organized as a private class, with one or more people participating. Most novices are fearful of doing yoga incorrectly; throw in the shame of being overweight and there’s an added incentive to take class in more controlled environment with teachers who are sensitive to specialized needs.

There’s an equally pointed question: is yoga too tailored to young, slender and athletic women? Look at the ads in Yoga Journal.

One thought on “Asking a hypothetical question about fat yoga in DC

  1. No, it is not. Yoga is about going outside of all the crap in our minds. Being overweight presents a tremendous opportunity to transcend the mind. This will actually help the person in the long run because to be overweight means there are some psychological issues that are not being dealt with that cause food to be over used. Two of the yamas in yoga are Ahimsa,non-violence, and Aparigraha which is not hoarding. If you are overweight, you are being violent or harmful to the body and you are taking more calories then you need. Yoga deals directly wth this. In essence, they need to use the yoga to deal with their issues and stop worrying about how other people around them look.

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