Broga is latest rage in Martha’s Vineyard

WBUR Boston Flexible Men Try Broga — Yoga For Bros is really about one guy teaching a class for men.

Broga is not a money maker yet and adding a class on the mainland is a huge commitment for Sidoti. Every Saturday he takes a 6 a.m. ferry from Martha’s Vineyard, which takes him to a bus, which takes him to a subway. Then, after a 20-minute walk, he arrives at the studio for a 10 a.m. class.

If they develop a regular following at the new location, Sidoti and O’Neill say the next step for Broga is finding and training instructors in other cities. Eventually, they’d like to offer a full range of instruction videos online.

Doug Tribuo, the author, probably did not do enough research into yoga in America to learn about all the male infiltration that already exists in mainstream yoga in America, from Diamond Dallas Page and his Yoga for Regular Guys: The Best Damn Workout on the Planet to Hot Nude Yoga. So this is not the first time that a studio or teacher put together a routine that meant to attract men to the mat. It’s just that a reporter who usually focuses on sports discovered  this marketing angle, which may seem catchy a first glance, but won’t build up much market momentum after the first jokes have died down.

I felt compelled to blog about it because I am a male doing yoga (I believe that a 61-year old does not qualify as a “bro.”