More pro baseball interest in yoga

South Florida Sun-Sentinel – “Devil Rays first in yoga” (broken link, March 2009): This team won’t be outdone in 7-inning stretch

Such talk makes sense to Edison, who says baseball is the “slowest to adapt but the best suited” to yoga. About a third of NFL teams conduct structured yoga training in the offseason, she says, and the NBA “is more open to it, more progressive” than hockey has been so far.

But it’s baseball that could be the real growth industry for yoga.

Pitchers can benefit from the deep-breathing exercises she gives them, and position players need all the help they can get in loosening up their tight muscles, especially the quadriceps.

This is getting to be an old story that is revived once in a while, sport by sport, team by team. It’s kind of a God-sent for a sports writer.