Power yoga advocate gets profiled

Denver Post Delicate balance of a yoga master It’s unusual that the paper gives this much space to a yoga teacher, Baron Baptiste, who will be going to Denver in October for a one-day workshop. Baron is not even a high profile teacher these days. He has a strong following, a large list of certified instructors, three books and multiple videos. The article has extensive quotes:

Baptiste, 43, is the scion of yoga pioneers Magana and Walt Baptiste, who co-founded the first yoga center in San Francisco in 1955 and owned one of the original health food stores. He is married and the father of three boys. He and his family split their time among Boston, Los Angeles and Park City, Utah, where Baptiste enjoys snowboarding. Despite a demanding schedule that includes teaching, traveling and television appearances, Baptiste manages to practice from three to six days per week.

One thought on “Power yoga advocate gets profiled

  1. Baron Baptiste boldly representing all that is wrong in the current wave of “Yogercise” sweeping America.

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