Scientific confirmation of what many of us already know

Last month, Newsweek brought out a cover story about the ties between the body and the mind. Herbert Benson, M.D, the “discoverer” (or first medical observer) of the relaxation response, is the lead voice in the issue. The issue covers what science is saying about the connection, including research on fertility, menopause and cancer. There are also some audio recordings of conversations between Newsweek editors Claudia Kalb and Dr. Michael Miller. [MLS: Newsweek has gone through some corporate reincarnations so I have lost track of this cover story.]

This cover story just reinforces a conviction that I have come to lately: this whole voyage of discovery is putting a new awareness of the power available to me to deal with life. It’s a liberating realization, one that also has to be tempered with humility, caution and constant challenge of first impressions.

I used to work for Newsweek when I was a journalist in Peru so I have a preference for the publication. Time has also done similar takeouts.