Singing to God

Washington Post Singing to God Maragatham Ramaswamy tells about why she makes music and sings and then sings to Lord Ganesha. She has been teaching in Virginia for 20 years and possesses a shy sincerity that confirms her faith and talent. In yoga studios, we often see the borrowing of Hindu gods, music and symbols. Sometimes this appropriation is sincere; other times is just decorative, a style picked out of a catalog.

Maragatham is an authentic manifestation of Hindu culture flourishing in a foreign land. She has a website and a music association, called Ragamalika, that promotes carnatic music from southern India.

Kudos to my hometown paper and former employer, the Washington Post, for this new feature, On Being. [MLS: oops, my hometown paper made this feature section disappear, distributing the videos among local news (?) and making them really hard to find. Maragatham continues to have her own website.]