Spotlight on a yoga pathfinder in the U.S. South Mary Lou Buck’s yoga journey [MLS: Article no longer available on the web]:

Buck, now a petite 72-year-old with silver hair, would become one of Charlotte’s pioneer yoga instructors. After teaching and studying for years, she opened the city’s second private studio, Yoga for Life in Dilworth, in 1998. Phyllis Rollins opened the 8th Street Studio believed to be the first, in 1993.

Who says you can’t start something new late in life? Buck founded her studio in 1998 when she was 62 years old, but had already been teaching since 1980. She still teaches even though she just sold the studio. Even more intriguing, Buck lives in North Carolina, not one of the hotbeds of yoga in the country so she was a pioneer in a region where it was not trendy to take up yoga.

Be sure to take in the accompanying photographs of Buck’s class.