The body shapes the mind

Boston Globe Don’t just stand there, think – Embodied cognition means that motor experience can influence intelligence, and that idea resonates with a yoga practice and the mind-body connection:

“It’s a revolutionary idea,” says Shaun Gallagher, the director of the cognitive science program at the University of Central Florida. “In the embodied view, if you’re going to explain cognition it’s not enough just to look inside the brain. In any particular instance, what’s going on inside the brain in large part may depend on what’s going on in the body as a whole, and how that body is situated in its environment.”

My own efforts with yoga are to explore the full range of my physical body and its dynamic relationship with space, movement and gravity, something that I never attempted when I was younger. Intellectual knowledge was cut off from the body, isolated in the head, confined to a book. There was also a divorce between thought and action.

Via Mind Hack who also points to here for a more complete academic explanation.