The yoga meme even slips into the Wall Street Journal

WSJ Mag­a­zine From Navy Whistle­blower to War­rior Pose is the story of Paula (Cough­lin) Puopolo who was the focal point of the U.S. Navy Tail­hook scan­dal in the early 1990s. This story tells her story well and also how yoga allowed her to come to peace with her­self and the reper­cus­sions from the pub­lic air­ing of her ordeal in a hotel cor­ri­dor in Las Vegas. She now owns her own yoga stu­dio, Ocean Yoga.

Of all the yoga styles she’s expe­ri­enced since then, the one Puopolo has focused on is a tantric vari­ety called Anusara, cre­ated by the Amer­i­can teacher John Friend in 1997. Its guid­ing ethos posits the inher­ent good­ness of human beings. Over time, it replaced smok­ing and pre­scrip­tion pills, and her anger at her attack­ers receded, until Puopolo decided she wanted to teach oth­ers about the restora­tive pow­ers she found in the prac­tice. “I wouldn’t be talk­ing to you if I didn’t really think I was finally get­ting some clar­ity,” she says. “The phi­los­o­phy opened me up to the idea that I could really stop hat­ing so much stuff.”

The Wall Street Jour­nal keeps a lot of its con­tent behind fees-​​based bar­rier so you may not be able to access this story after a few weeks. Enjoy it while you can.