When will they learn?

WSJ.com Sweating Out the Tantrums With Bikram Yoga: I am breaking my promise to refrain from blogging news story because The Wall Street Journal committed the faux pas of sending a reporter/columnist with no prior yoga experience to take a Bikram class (105 degrees and 99% humidity) and then write a commentary about it:

I’d been led to believe by Ms. Burkhardt (the PR guy who extended the invitation), who joined me for the class, that there was no shame in taking a breather if I felt I was going to puke or pass out. But when I tried, Ms. Blackwood requested that I return to my mat and do my recuperating there. Apparently, I was disrupting everyone’s karma. The only time my anger was addressed was when she explained that by the end of the class you’re so exhausted that you don’t have the energy to be mad at anybody.

Even dumber than the WSJ editors was the Bikram studio for inviting a newsman (a news woman might have been a little more prepped) to a standard class and expect to come away with a favorable impression. But the studio owner was probably thinking that any mention in the Journal was a positive. What came out did not further the understanding of yoga and just played into the stereotypes. Bikram is not the yoga style that you can jump into and learn on the run. You’re trying to figure out the poses, dealing with more sweat than you’ve leaked before in your life, and you’re soon ready to swoon from the heat. Even a neophyte can’t take a break during a session.