Why I missed yoga class today

I went through the whole week, five days, topping each day off with a yoga class at Thrive Yoga. Today, I was unable to go to class — for that matter, classes at Thrive were not offered. I guess I could say that my streak stands in tact because Thrive did not have classes. I doubt that we’ll have classes on Sunday either, because the blizzard shows no signs of letting up and the roads are a mess.

These shots were taken at 3:00 pm and show my entrance way and the patio in the backyard. Not a few hours before, I had cleared out the sidewalk and access to the car for a second time today, but the blizzard had covered everything in three or four inches more.

Looking out over my neighborhood shows that the blizzard has hit hard. Not many neighbors have even tried to dig their cars out. For that matter, where would they go? The snow plow came through only once in the early morning. When it does again, we will have to clear out the parking slot again. Because this street is a cul de sac, the community association has to pay a private contractor to plow the road, and they are just as overworked as the street crews.

At least I got my exercise in for today. My back and shoulders ache, even though the snow is light and not packed. I suspect that we’re going to be shut in for two or three days more. Of course, I am on vacation so snow emergencies do not do me any good.

Update: 10:30 pm I looked out my front door and the snow had stopped. No yoga classes tomorrow at Thrive. Will spend the day shoveling and hope that life starts getting back to normal. Now I will just try to be mindful in the silence.