Yoga as a balm for the soul

TIME plays up Psychotherapy Goes from Couch to Yoga Mat, which is about five years behind the wave of awareness, at least mine:

Since the days of Freud, research into the mind-body relationship has come a long way. Studies show that not only are your mental health and mood dependent in large part on physical factors like exercise, but also unchecked stress, anxiety and depression can affect physical health, increasing blood pressure, heart disease and even risk of death. So it was perhaps inevitable that patients would start bringing their yoga mats into therapy.

The latest conference of the International Association of Yoga Therapists shows that momentum is building for yoga’s benefit for both the mental and physical wellbeing. Over at respected World of Psychology blog, Alicia Sparks is also looking at the rise of yoga as therapy. Just a week before, she had laid out her own experience with yoga.

For those who missed it from eight years ago, the TIME article The Power of Yoga was a milestone for yoga’s emergence into the American mainstream. The article used to be buried in a pay-to-see archive.