Yoga going strong on University of Maryland football team

It’s a slow news day on the college football beat so it’s always a safe shot to recur to the ol’ “athlete turns to yoga for flexibility” story to provide human interest and humor about grown men sprawling on the floor — and even farting.

Washington Post Terrapins turn to yoga for rejuvenation, recovery: “Yoga’s one of those things, you don’t really want to do it,” Francis said. “But we know it’s good for you. I’d never go out of my way to take a yoga class. I’ll put it that way. But I do understand it does have its benefits. When it’s offered, I’d be a [dumb guy] not to take advantage of it.”

Having followed media coverage of yoga for more than five years, this kind of story comes up so often that I have stopped writing about most of them. But in this case, it’s a home town team so I can’t ignore it. UM has lost four quarterbacks to injury this season and they’re converting a linebacker to the position this week so they may want to make yoga compulsory for quarterbacks in hopes of preventing injuries. On the other hand, being crushed by a couple of 300-pound defensive linemen is not something that Patanjali has a lot to say about.