Yoga starts making business sense — to some people Princeton Grad Quits Morgan Stanley to Teach Yoga to Bankers  [story no longer onlline]:

Imparato, 28, is tapping into yoga’s growing appeal among the result-oriented financial brokers and dealers who want to de-stress and work out at the same time. Hedge funds, including Karsch Capital Management LP and Blue Ridge Capital LLC, offer onsite yoga classes to their employees. Pimco’s Bill Gross has said that he gets some of his best investment ideas while standing on his head.

Rivaling stories about athletes that practice yoga to improve their competitive edge, bankers-turned-yogis is a rising meme in the media coverage about yoga in the American mainstream, especially in the wake of the Wall Street crash last year. The irony of financiers meditating on the impermanence of reality is irresistible. Imparato has a nice website. Her studio is in her loft. I suspect that when she goes to the banks and hedge funds to give classes she charges more than $20 a session per student.