Yoga therapy draws attention

New York Times: The Yoga Therapist Will See You Now underscores the recent growth of yoga therapy, but also carries a warning:

But experts inside and outside the industry say yoga therapy should be approached with caution. In general, a person can practice as a yoga therapist after 200 hours of yoga teacher training, which might include basic training in anatomy, breathing, meditation and giving adjustments.

At the end of the article, there is a paragraph about NY-based designer Donna Karan “sponsoring a 10-day Well-Being Forum in Manhattan to bring together doctors, yoga therapists and yoga teachers…” That may explain why the article got commissioned in the first place. The event is organized by UrbanZen with Rodney Yee, former model Christy Turlington and a host of big names serving on the board. Karan is pushing integrative medicine that combines alternative health with conventional medicine following the death of her husband from lung cancer.