Yogis vs Virginia – libertarians join the fight

Washington Post Va. yoga instructors sue state on plan to regulate training:

The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia requires certification of all sorts of vocational training programs, including bartending schools, dog-grooming schools and the Ballroom Dance Teachers Academy. Certification requires a $2,500 fee, audits, annual charges of at least $500 and paperwork.

Yoga teacher training had long fallen below the council’s radar. Then, late last year, a state employee conducting school audits noticed an advertisement for it.

The skirmishing between state bureaucracies and yoga teachers continues. I am not sure if I am comfortable with the Libertarian slant to some arguments against regulations, on top of the muddled perspective of whether yoga has a religious nature and therefore should remain outside the reach of the State. Yoga teacher training is definitely small fry in the vocational training business. For that matter, only a handful of “graduates” actually end up teaching more than a few classes a week. Who’s making a living off of yoga? How many students feel cheated by substandard teaching?

Also see the Cato Institute’s blog, which in turn points to the Institute of Justice’s case report, this You Tube video and this editorial in the Richmond Times Dispatch. An AP wire story. And Reason’s Hit and Run blog lends moral support.