A new year — a new intention

Each year I decide on a new intention that will focus my yoga practice. This year, I’ve decided to use “Listen with my whole body,” taking up on my previous blog entry. My body tells me lots of stuff about myself and the world around me, and I don’t pay enough attention to it, instead getting carried away by the stream of consciousness that flows through my head like a storm pipe. To start, I need to pay more attention to what my knees are telling me so that I don’t get into any more trouble. The intention is also a reminder to slow down both breath and movement.

I’ve been able to fit in classes at Thrive Yoga every day this week, except for New Year’s Day, when the studio was closed. Teresa has been going to most classes with me. I think that I’ve gotten back into a regular practice and could handle any level of class. It’s still going to be months before I recovery my full strength, flexibility and ease.