A soggy weekend for practice

As mentioned last week, I’ve been trying to get back into a rhythm of practicing and running so that I could step up my condition and deepen my yoga. But something seems to be working against this intention, starting with the four days in a row of cold rain and drizzle that removed any desire to fit a short run in the evening.

On Friday, I wanted to catch a late-afternoon yoga session at Thrive, but my wife picked me up from work (after her doctor’s appointment) and we got slowed down by DC traffic and did not get home until late. But I did end up going to the gym to fit into 30 minutes on the stationary bike and another 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer. On Saturday, I was eager to get to my yoga 2/3 class because I expected it to really test my edge. When I walked out into the rain, I was confronted with a flat tire. I tried to fix it, but the lug nuts were on too tight for me to loosen up with the puny tire iron that comes with my car. I called for roadside assistance, which arrived 90 minutes after my call. So much for my Saturday yoga. I was dragging the rest of the day from the aftereffects of my gym workout and sleep deficit.

Today, I made to the morning hatha yoga class at Thrive, but the usual instructor, Marylou McNamara, had mistakenly thought that this weekend was the Brian Kest workshop (it’s next weekend) and her class had been canceled. Susan Bowen had to improvise by combining her Fundamentals class with the hatha yoga class. Susan tried to keep it simple for the beginners (hip openers was the topic of the class) while still provide challenge for the more experienced students.

I’ve decided that I have to take the approach of accepting whatever comes my way: if there’s a suitable yoga class available on workday evenings at Thrive, I should take it because I never know if something will come up later in the week to prevent me from attending my preferred classes. Getting on the mat is more important than calibrating the level of intensity or sophistication of the instructor. Even after my “easy” class, my muscles feel sore and my joints stiff. When I’m accessing deeper layers or combinations of muscles for long holds, I am still getting something out of the practice, even if I’m not breezing through a couple dozen vinyasas or Sun Salutations.

By the way, the Smith clan celebrated my mom’s 90th birthday today so there really was a milestone this weekend.

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