Another milestone – nose to knee

This morning I was doing a light routine, stretching out my back before pranayama and meditation. Laying on my back, I was pulling my folded leg towards my chest, and I noticed that it seemed to come closer than I had remembered. I then stretched out my neck a little and touched my nose to my knee. I then tried the same thing with the other leg — with success. This may seem like small beans to some people, but touching nose to knee is an unexpected accomplishment for me, especially since I had not been working towards it. I remember that even after starting yoga as a serious practice, there seemed to be a full hand span between my nose and knee — to the point that I gave up trying to touch my nose to my knee at all, just concentrating on stretching my muscles. I don’t know if this is a significant breakthrough, but it is a reward just before I return to my yoga class for the first time in three weeks. TransquilSpace has changed the instructor for my preferred time slot — Anne Thiel, instead of Andrea Franchini (See bios of all the teachers).