But I’m already there!

Last night I went to a hot vinyasa class and let the sweat pour. It’s amazing how a physical purging can wring out all the emotional toxins as well. No yoga class today because I couldn’t get home early enough to grab the restorative class at Thrive Yoga. I could not get to the gym as planned because of a mix-up on the scheduling of our car.

I’ve come to realize that I already have the right mindset for the 40-day challenge; it’s just a matter of making time to go to as many classes as possible. My daily routines include   mindfulness, meditation, breath work, restorative yoga and therapeutic yoga. Just quieting my mind enough to prepare my body for bed is a kind of staggered vinyasa in which I shift into a more restful rhythm. What I will get out of the 40-day challenge is the accumulative impact of stepping up the frequency of attending class, which are almost always more physically demanding than a yoga session at home.