Crunk time in my 40-​​day yoga challenge

I’ve noticed that it’s get­ting a lot harder to fit in all the com­po­nents of the 40-​​day chal­lenge, espe­cially the 20-​​minute med­i­ta­tion twice a day. It’s just harder to bite off that slice of time and block out all other activ­i­ties until I come out of it. The 20-​​minute length is also pump­ing against the lim­its of my attention span.

The other issue is that I’ve found that I’ve been putting some tasks on the back-​​burner to meet my chal­lenge tar­gets. The first cou­ple of weeks, I let things slide. Now I find that the back­log is demand­ing for my atten­tion. And then, there are the unfore­seen emer­gen­cies that throw every­thing out the win­dow (too many of those have been hap­pen­ing recently) — but that pre­cisely when I need a mind­ful­ness practice.