Five years and going

On April 18, this blog will complete five years online. That also means that about two months ago, I should have celebrated my fifth anniversary of practicing yoga. I let the milestone slip by with no major hoopla. Part of this attitude is that yoga has infiltrated itself through many acts and moments during the day and I do not necessarily think consciously about it. It’s frequently a kind of mental nagging — “Walk more erect; you’re slumping again. Tuck that tailbone; you’re not supporting your spine correctly. Slow down; you’re just falling forward into the future without being present in the moment.”

I’d still like to fit in more classes, workshops and other learning experiences, but my practice does not have the urgency that it used to have. I find it hard to fit in time to read the latest issue of Yoga Journal, much less the stacks of books that sit next to my desk. It’s hard to find time to sit down, parse my practice and write in this blog.

I think this new pace is due to an awareness that my body and mind will accept and meld with yoga in their own time. I welcome my Level 1 classes because they allow me to get into the poses without striving (or by sweating less). I like taking my classes with my wife because she keeps my feet firmly grounded.