Flipping my practice

Tonight I did not go to yoga class, but stayed at home and did a sudarshan kriya and then 20 minutes of meditation. It was really refreshing to purge my system and then let it simmer for a while in a peaceful place. It occurred to me that instead of doing this practice in the evenings, I should make a concerted effort to do it in the morning. Rather than being restored, I could energize and enliven my body and mind for the day. That would leave my evenings for a yoga class or journaling or family matters.

The biggest obstacle is that I have never been a “morning person.” I am not fully conscious until I have my first cup of coffee. I’ve tried to do a morning practice before, but always backslide after a few morning sessions. I have also tended to work on my websites, watch TV or surf until midnight or later. Since Teresa and I leave the house at 7:15 on Wednesdays and Thursdays so she can get to her school early, that removes the possibility of meditation and pranayama, unless I want to get up at 5:30. All this means that I can have the same routine each day, which would make it easier to form new habits and sleeping patterns. But she’s only got a few more weeks of teaching so we’ll be back to the normal routine of driving to the Metro at 8:10. But the real issue will how to make myself roll out of bid, put my knees on the floor and do my durga three-part breathing that starts out the Art of Living routine. Once I get started, the pranayama will goose my juices like a cold shower.