Hot yoga

I was able to fit in two hot yoga classes with Susan Bowen at Thrive Yoga before Christmas. I’ve been holding off on taking one of Susan’s classes because I wanted to regain strength, flexibility and confidence before taking her classes again. She can lead you to the edge in her more demanding sets, and I did not want to fall off. I now know most of the poses that I have to be careful with, and modify them to protect my knees. All my teachers know that I have knee issues, and they usually alert us when a knee-sensitive pose is coming up and offering alternatives. Since the first class was in the evening and the second the following morning, I was sore afterwords.

I went to class with my wife, Teresa, which was nice that we could share time on the mat together. She’s been using my unlimited pass with Thrive Yoga for the equivalent time that I was out of circulation. Next year, we’ll have to see how we can keep her practicing at the same pace.