It’s not pretty, but it’s what makes tadasana

It’s ugly, but it’s the biggest obstacle to my practice right now.

Twenty-five days after I jammed my left big toe while doing a jump back, my injury has improved only marginally. It’s no longer black and blue (I should have gotten a photo of it the day after). It’s still swollen, sore and stiff. Touch the toe in the right place, and it’s like needle throbs in a major nerve. As can be seen in the photo, the swelling is located from the first joint up. The cartilage around that joint is probably bent out of shape, and I may even have a hairline fracture. Some of the redness (even rawness of the skin) comes from my big toe rubbing against the second toe, even though I wear my loosest fitting shoes during the day and remain barefooted or in socks as much as possible. Range of movement is limited only when I try to curl my toe.

I’ve decided to treat the injury each day, rather than pretend that it doesn’t bother me: I’ll apply ice in the evening, take ibuprofen to hold down the swelling, and raise the foot as much as feasible.