Linking fingers

Nearly two months of working to loosen up my shoulders and upper torso have paid off. I was able to touch my fingers in Gomukhasana or Cow Face Pose. This pose requires you to put one arm behind your head and bring the other one up your back and touch your fingers somewhere between the shoulder blades. In the past, I’ve been using a strap. But on Wednesday at Flow Yoga, I was able to join my hands (really tips of my fingers). This pose requires you to loosen your shoulders and also flex your upper back.

By the way, my first yoga teacher, Andrea Franchini, had an appendectomy last Friday, the same day that the NPR radio feature came out with her giving instructions to my class — setting the context, as they say in the radio biz — I guess. Convalescing, she’s probably had plenty of time to listen to the story. I’ve heard that she’s doing fine and is itching to get back to her classes.