Missing my class, but learning discipline

I got off work at 5:40, walked briskly through the rain to the Metro station, and caught the first train to Rockville. I thought I had plenty of time to make it home in time for yoga class at 7:30. At the next station, we were ordered off the train (no explanation that I could hear). I had to wait as two packed trains passed before finding one that had enough room for me to slip in. I arrived in Rockville too late to make yoga class at 7:30. So that ends my streak at five classes in a row.

I’ve been trying to change my body clock: in the past, if I didn’t get work early, it was hard for me to leave the office at 5:30. I tended to linger longer finishing off one more task, sending another e-mail. That made it really hard to arrive at 7:30 classes, especially if there was trouble on the Metro. In order to hit my goals for the 40-day yoga challenge, I have to give my work a full eight hours, but starting at 9:00 or earlier, so that I have no excuses for stalling.

In order to do the 9-to-5:30 cycle, there are other modifications that have to happen. I need to wake up at 6:30 am, which in turn means that I have to start my bed time routine early so that I can get my minimum seven hours of sleep.The routine includes some restorative yoga, stretching routines for my neuropathy and meditation. Having suffered through an extended period of insomnia and sleep deprivation, I have come to appreciate the value of a good night’s sleep.