Morning meditation

This morning I got up early and did a few sun salutations to get warmed up and limber and then sat for a short meditation. It had an amazing effect. After a night’s sleep, my mind seemed refreshed and reordered, and I seemed to fully inhabit my body, with the sensory system engaged and active. As I sat on my zafu, I felt several ideas bubble up from within — I took note of them and set them aside from after the practice, later in the day. I searched for the plumb line of my breathing and abiding there. When I released myself from the sitting, I seemed to step firmly and smoothly through the necessary actions to get me out the door and to my office.

I have rarely done a morning meditation/yoga practice, in part because I need my first cup of coffee to get going. Mornings are always rushed, muddled, and sleepy. But I may have been missing something. This morning, that something clicked and I felt a surge of energy and focus.