No chance to practice

I started the week thinking that I would have time to practice yoga and pranayama, meditate, and blog now that I am back at home, safe in the structure and security of my daily routine. Fat chance!

I have made it to the studio once, on Sunday evening. I have meditated twice late in the evening. I got to run on the Mall on Tuesday, 4.5 miles. A clipper weather front has blown through Washington, giving us our first blast of cold and has caused my car battery to go belly up, leaving me stranded at the Metro when I wanted to rush over to Thrive for an evening class. My mother-in-law has arrived from Peru to spend the holidays with us and disrupted household routine. My brother in Dallas, Richard, was hospitalized with what looked like a heart attach, throwing in family deliberations about his health.

I will have a full weekend to compensate because I am taking the Beryl Bender Birch workshop at Thrive Yoga — 10 hours over three days.